How to Remodel a Kitchen – A Complete Guide

When pondering how to modernize a kitchen on a budget, it is important consider what step to take first?  Before beginning the hard process it is a fine idea to create a list of the aspects that you would like your new kitchen to offer. Also come up with an idea of how to remodel a kitchen and what everything will look like when you finish. Doing this will give you an idea of what appliances to purchase and where fixtures will be once the remodel is finished. This will help determine which cabinets or surfaces need to be replaced, and which only need a cleanup.

Cabinets can be one of the most expensive remodeling tasks. The good news is that there are alternatives to gutting and replacing cabinets. Adding new hardware can give cabinets a totally fresh look. Having cabinets refaced or resurfaced can give the appearance of custom built cabinets without the cost. Replacing some of the cabinet doors with glass doors and adding glass shelves can create elegant looking places to display heirloom glassware and dishes.

Appropriate space planning is vital.  Arrange your sink and appliances where they will be the most functional and the least hazardous.  The sink and refrigerator are the most frequently used items in the kitchen, place them close together. In our fast-paced lives, the oven is often the least used appliance. This can be placed farther away.

Tiles are beneficial because they are very easy to clean. This makes them excellent for preparing food around.  However, if you are thinking of placing tiles on your walls then you should think about placing matching floor tiles for a better finish. The downside of tiles in the kitchen is that you would then have to find someone to lay them for you. This could add time to your remodel that you may not have, also buying materials is costly. So maybe you should believe twice about putting tiles on your walls and floor.

Good contractors will consider what you like, your visualization and what is flexible with details. Then they can provide you with new thoughts which will make it less difficult to get exactly the kitchen you want at a reasonable price.

The key component in learning how to renovate a kitchen, particularly on a budget is figuring out how to prioritize the alterations you will make.  Consider the fact that it will be complicated to make all your transformations at once. You should take time and instead create a list of what changes are most significant to you.  Do you want additional space in your cabinets?  Then save money for new cabinetry instead of purchasing a fridge right away.  Likewise, if you have a stove that’s not functioning well, use the money to replace this first.  Learning how to remodel a kitchen on a budget means learning to identify what are the most important aspects of the change.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget

If you are considering kitchen remodeling on a budget, start with your lighting and fixtures. For example, adding lighting above or beneath the cabinets will accent the kitchen with a completely renewed sense and look. This can provide you with a new area to show your favorite items. Even swapping the handles and knobs on your cabinets will be an easy, inexpensive change that will be just enough to transform the room’s look. There is a plethora of choices available for pulls and knobs that come in a variety of decor and prices appropriate for any kitchen remodeling plan and budget.

In order to create a sensible budget, it is important to understand how much remodeling will cost. Take some time to research prices for items you want in your kitchen, you will not regret this later. Investigate the rates of kitchen cabinets, flooring, furniture and other appliances you may want. Energy efficiency is an important consideration when comparing appliances. Efficiency saves money on utility bills in the long run.

Take a trip to home centers and kitchen show rooms. Read home improvement magazines and look online for inspiration and costs. Even a television show on re-modeling can offer ideas and cost decreasing and money saving tips. Start a file for pictures of kitchens you love and other appliances on your computer. Include price lists in your file; this will help you make comparisons. Small projects such as walls repainting are moderately uncomplicated to complete on your own. You can create a daring or delicate alteration to your kitchen by bringing in new colors and patterns.

Many contemporary kitchens have an island. If you have an older kitchen that does not have one, consider building one into your kitchen design if you have the space available. Manufactured models can be purchased and assembled using easy tools. With some time invested you can create a custom island. An island can serve as an area for food preparation, and include a small sink for clean up. It can also provide additional seating and storage. Building an island is a relatively small venture and creates improved resell value returns.


Kitchen remodeling on a budget is not as difficult as it seems. It can truly be quite simple. It can be similar to other purchases you may incur in addition to your ordinary monthly expenditures. You may need to calculate what you have spent already and how much extra cash there should be at the end of each month. In many cases, people have to cut a few things out of their ordinary spending patterns to undergo a kitchen remodel. It should not cause harm financially. However, in the long run many people find the slight inconvenience will be well worth it, in order to get a brand new looking kitchen they will enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen Redesign Guide

Many homeowners embark on home improvement projects to add to the beauty of their home or to fix problems they have encountered. One of the largest home improvement projects a homeowner can take on is a kitchen redesign.

A kitchen redesign or kitchen remodel project may be undertaken because the kitchen is unsafe or to increase the value of their home. In a down real estate market homeowners, if they can afford it, can improve their homes so that when the real estate market rebounds, the home is worth much more.

When prospective buyers look for new homes, their attention is generally directed to the bathroom and the kitchen. These are two of the rooms that individuals and their families spend the most time.

Kitchen design is also an option if you are not planning to sell your home but want to make the kitchen more familyKitchen Redesign Guidefriendly, with a welcoming, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Sometimes a kitchen redesign makes you feel better about your current home, especially if you do not want to move from your current neighborhood.

When you look at your kitchen and it is in need of repair because the appliances are not working or the floor is warped or floor tiles are missing, you may want to tackle small projects instead of an overall redesign of your kitchen.

If you decide to do a kitchen redesign, take into consideration the cost as well as the overall design and changes to be made. A poor remodel will not enhance the value of your home. To make sure your kitchen redesign is one that works for you, you may want to seek the advice of an interior designer.

The main reasons that homeowners put in the work and effort of a kitchen redesign is to increase the value of their home, to make it more family friendly, or to make small repairs to fix problems. Whatever the reason, you can not go wrong if you decide to make changes to your current kitchen.

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Kitchen Cabinet Storage: Solutions To Makes Life Easier

Find useful kitchen cabinet storage ideas and many other ways to organise your space so that your kitchen is a joy to use.

With all of the activities that you find in a kitchen, having everything organised and at your fingertips will make your kitchen much more efficient.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to have everything organised! But if you look at the best kitchen layout designs and break your kitchen down into the activities that occur in certain areas and the items needed in those areas, you can figure out how you want to approach your kitchen cabinet storage needs.

If you’re getting new cabinets you can get special features built in making your organisation easier. Things like pull out shelves, tray dividers, lazy susans, spice racks, pull out pantries, and many other built-ins that will help you organise.

Best Ways to Pull Your Kitchen Cabinet Storage Together!

Kitchen Organisation

Most homeowners will agree that good organisation is the key to a well-run household. Your kitchen is the centre of the home, with a place for all your food items and cooking utensils. It often includes, in addition to many other features, a desk, charging docks, a catch all, and more… This high end kitchen design company has great organisation on their bespoke kitchens. Go check them out:

Kitchen Storage Ideas 

Using great storage ideas can make your space more enjoyable to use every day. Does it take you a while to match a lid with a container? Do you search for a pen to write with when taking a phone message?

Given the busy lifestyle that we lead, we often end up throwing things in drawers to save time, and then have to search for them later. Useful cabinet storage, pantry storage, and other solutions will allow you to put your fingertips on everything right away…


Cabinet Organisers

Cabinet organisers can help you put an end to messy cabinets and drawers and give you solutions that work. Using a few products to help you keep you things in order and minimize wasted space is worth the effort and expense.

It is much better to know where everything is as opposed to searching for misplaced items…

Pantry Door 

Storage space is critical for many, and using the pantry door for storage offers many options. Pantries are often the heartbeat of a working kitchen storing the most essential items needed for everyday living. Dry goods, canned good, cleaning supplies, office materials, and even the calendar is all found here…

Storage Cabinets 

Having enough cabinets is almost more important than having enough counter space in this busy household hub. Your room is more than just a space to prepare food and eat. There are storage ideas that take into account spaces for technology to be plugged in, seated workspaces, or even family game areas…

Storage Containers

For one of the most used areas of the home, storage containers are a must have for a well organised space. Containers will help to stop the sprawl of items into spaces where they may become unused or could even be lost. There are many simple options you can find to make the best use of your design…

Kitchen Layout Design: How To Make Your Space The Best It Can Be

If a kitchen remodeling project is in your future, you want to start by looking at the best kitchen layout design that will work with the footprint that you have.

Almost everyone that envisions a new kitchen sees a room that is much more appealing then the one they currently have.

Along with a great looking space that is admired by many, it also needs to be functional and efficient.

It’s best to look at your room as having different areas that serve different purposes. This will help you pull together a design that is comfortable and works the way you want it to. Having a kitchen layout design that gives you a desirable workflow will compliment the beauty of your overall plan.

Ask Questions – Make Adjustments

It’s a good idea to ask yourself a lot of questions. Check out this list of sample questions and see if your answers help you think through your overall kitchen design plans and the layout you want. You’ll find that your answers will help you consider how to plan and finish your space and what works best for your lifestyle…

If you want a new kitchen design that’s efficient, you’ll want to follow some guidelines to have a kitchen layout design that makes your space easier and more enjoyable to use. The first thing you need to make sure is that you have a good service from a dedicated kitchen showroom that will give you the information you need. Do not get ripped off! You need to look for good customer service for any service not just for this kind, such as car servicing, limousine hireconstruction, dining, wedding services and many more. These were just some of the excellent companies that are known to treat their customers well.

Now that’s out the way, we will get back on track. When doing a total makeover, some homeowners often use the existing kitchen layout design without changing it.

But what if there’s a better design that makes your space more useful? It is very possible that you can improve your layout so that you have a design that’ more functional.

It’s best to look at your options and not rely on your current layout as a template to follow without looking at other possibilities.

Major shifts in the layout could require moving plumbing and electrical. Ideally you don’t want to move the plumbing and electrical because this will cost more. However, if you get a better kitchen layout design, it will probably be well worth the added expense.

The Work Triangle

Originally developed in the 1950’s, the work triangle defined the best relationship between the sink, fridge, and range.

This well known design concept works for most kitchens. It consists of three lines that are drawn between the sink, refrigerator, and range. When you connect these lines together they should make a triangle.

The overall length of all sides of the triangle should not exceed 26′ with the legs of the triangle between 4′ and 9.’ This design concept goes on to state that all obstructions are to be kept out of the path of the triangle. Sometimes though, the best layout presents more options and the simple work triangle doesn’t work as designed.


Multiple Work Zones

Nowadays, there is frequently more then one cook in the kitchen and couples often enjoy cooking together. It is not unusual, especially in larger rooms, to have an extra sink, separate oven, microwave, dishwasher, or under counter refrigerator.

With these added features, the work triangle doesn’t apply in its simplest form.

Because of this, it is best to have a kitchen layout design that includes multiple work zones instead of the basic triangle. Another popular design feature that comes into the path of the work triangle is the addition of an island. When you add countertops that intersect the triangle, it makes more sense to have work zones…

Green Kitchen Tips That Don’t Cost A Lot

Let’s face it, having a green kitchen can be expensive. Buying all new energy-efficient appliances and making sure your cabinets, flooring and countertops are eco-friendly can have a huge impact on your wallet.

But what if you want to do some eco-friendly things in the kitchen and don’t have a lot of money to spend?  Here are three things that you can do today that won’t cost you a lot, but will go a long way towards conserving energy and helping the environment.


1.  When Cleaning

A green kitchen isn’t just about the items that you put it, it’s also about the resources that you use while you’re going about your daily activities of cooking and cleaning.  One way you can reduce the resources to use is by buying a low flow kitchen faucet that will reduce the amount of water you use during all of your kitchen tasks.  You can choose from ones that have metered valve’s, once with automatic shutoff and ones that have a sensor that know when something is under an and can turn the water on and then off again when nothing is under it.

2.    When Cooking

Most people do a lot of cooking in the kitchen and cooking uses either electricity or gas depending on the type of stove you have.  You can reduce the amount of energy needed to cook anything by buying waterless cookware.  This is cookware that is specifically designed to not use water for cooking and, therefore, the food cooks much faster, thus using less resources to cook it.

3.    When Washing

Most modern homes today have a dishwasher, but these handy appliances can use a lot of energy to produce those squeaky clean dishes.  One thing you can do to save resources and the dishwasher is to turn down the temperature. Most people think it should be as hot as possible, but 120°F is all you need to sanitize your dishes.

While these might not seem like big things, every little step towards having a green kitchen helps reduce your carbon footprint and it all adds up to a healthier environment.