Kitchen Layout Design: How To Make Your Space The Best It Can Be

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If a kitchen remodeling project is in your future, you want to start by looking at the best kitchen layout design that will work with the footprint that you have.

Almost everyone that envisions a new kitchen sees a room that is much more appealing then the one they currently have.

Along with a great looking space that is admired by many, it also needs to be functional and efficient.

It’s best to look at your room as having different areas that serve different purposes. This will help you pull together a design that is comfortable and works the way you want it to. Having a kitchen layout design that gives you a desirable workflow will compliment the beauty of your overall plan.

Ask Questions – Make Adjustments

It’s a good idea to ask yourself a lot of questions. Check out this list of sample questions and see if your answers help you think through your overall kitchen design plans and the layout you want. You’ll find that your answers will help you consider how to plan and finish your space and what works best for your lifestyle…

If you want a new kitchen design that’s efficient, you’ll want to follow some guidelines to have a kitchen layout design that makes your space easier and more enjoyable to use. The first thing you need to make sure is that you have a good service from a dedicated kitchen showroom that will give you the information you need. Do not get ripped off! You need to look for good customer service for any service not just for this kind, such as car servicing, limousine hireconstruction, dining, wedding services and many more. These were just some of the excellent companies that are known to treat their customers well.

Now that’s out the way, we will get back on track. When doing a total makeover, some homeowners often use the existing kitchen layout design without changing it.

But what if there’s a better design that makes your space more useful? It is very possible that you can improve your layout so that you have a design that’ more functional.

It’s best to look at your options and not rely on your current layout as a template to follow without looking at other possibilities.

Major shifts in the layout could require moving plumbing and electrical. Ideally you don’t want to move the plumbing and electrical because this will cost more. However, if you get a better kitchen layout design, it will probably be well worth the added expense.

The Work Triangle

Originally developed in the 1950’s, the work triangle defined the best relationship between the sink, fridge, and range.

This well known design concept works for most kitchens. It consists of three lines that are drawn between the sink, refrigerator, and range. When you connect these lines together they should make a triangle.

The overall length of all sides of the triangle should not exceed 26′ with the legs of the triangle between 4′ and 9.’ This design concept goes on to state that all obstructions are to be kept out of the path of the triangle. Sometimes though, the best layout presents more options and the simple work triangle doesn’t work as designed.


Multiple Work Zones

Nowadays, there is frequently more then one cook in the kitchen and couples often enjoy cooking together. It is not unusual, especially in larger rooms, to have an extra sink, separate oven, microwave, dishwasher, or under counter refrigerator.

With these added features, the work triangle doesn’t apply in its simplest form.

Because of this, it is best to have a kitchen layout design that includes multiple work zones instead of the basic triangle. Another popular design feature that comes into the path of the work triangle is the addition of an island. When you add countertops that intersect the triangle, it makes more sense to have work zones…